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10 of the best cheeses for snacking and cooking, according to chefs and cheesemongers

In Insider


By Tylor Tobin

  • Each variety of cheese has its own unique flavor.
  • When prepared correctly, raclette can make for a show-stopping warm appetizer.
  • Some chefs have said Parmigiano-Reggiano is as delicious on a cheese plate as it is in a cooked dish.

Whether you’re an ardent lover of cheese or someone who’s still trying figure out which flavors you enjoy, buying cheese can be intimidating. And when choosing between so many different textures, regions of origin, and flavor profiles, it can be tough to decide which cheeses are best for satisfying your snacking and cooking needs.

So INSIDER asked US-based chefs and cheesemongers what they think are the best cheeses to include on a cheese board and to use while cooking. Here are the cheeses they recommended.

One chef said the sharp and funky Beemster Gouda is great for cheese boards.


One chef said the sharp and funky Beemster Gouda is great for cheese boards.
The cheese is known for being sharp.


Hailing from Holland and the Netherlands, Beemster Gouda has a sharpness that contrasts with its rich undertones.

Chef Bradley Kilgore of Kilgore Culinary Group in Miami, Florida said Beemster is a great choice for cheese boards. He said he likes to pair this cheese with a tangy condiment, like a yuzu marmalade, because “the citrus pairs with the umami coming from the aged cheese and the sweetness is cut by the salinity.”

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